A versatile forward who can play both left and right wing, Bode Stewart is a dynamic scorer who always finds his name on the scoresheet. Bode, known as a coach’s dream, is a big yet fast goal scorer with a great shot. This shot is heavy and accurate and can be utilized no matter where he is on the ice. Bode doesn’t shoot as much as he should with how good his ability is however he’s working on this. He instead opts to pass the puck as he has great vision and playmaking abilities. He also uses his size to crash the net and bang in rebounds. In transition, Bode uses his size and speed to protect the puck and explode past opponents. In his own zone he’s positionally sound no matter if he’s playing center or wing. He tracks the open man down and breaks up developing plays more often than not. He bodies players off the puck and when he has the opportunity, blocks shots. Bode has the ability to effectively play on both special teams and provide an offensive spark on the penalty kill, while being a good forechecker on the powerplay. As Bode continues to develop he looks to be a solid two-way forward at the next level.

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