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Written by: Drake White

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Easton Rye is not just a great goaltender, but a great person that PR will love. Rye tries to set a goal to get out into the community every year, and has volunteered at the Hutchinson House, altar-served at St. Peter-In-Chains Cathedral, coached and mentored younger goalies and players with challenges, and has worked to raise money and volunteer at his local Terry Fox run. Rye has also won public speaking contests at school and the Royal Canadian Legion on the topic “The Evolution of the Goalie Mask,” which makes him the ideal kind of player a team would want to use in their PR ventures. Rye sets high standards for himself both at the rink and in school, which has seen him skip ahead a grade. Rye has a sense of justice, and is extremely inclusive and has excellent manners and a very positive and caring personality, the ideal teammate. Rye is a very routine goalie in his preparation, and follows great nutrition and works all the time on his mental and physical preparation. Rye is a very analytical goalie, and will go back and watch videos of his games to see where the weaknesses lie in his game, allowing him to challenge himself to improve further. Rye displays very strong skating with very good lateral movements to compliment his narrow stance, as well as helps him react better when tracking the puck, which he does very well. Rye also utilizes his skating to compliment his angles, by getting across to smother the rebounds or take up the net with his size. Rye is a very confident puck mover, and will follow the passing lanes to help turn his defense into offense by making breakout plays and taking pressure away from the defense. Rye never gives up on the puck, and is willing to make a desperation save if needed, though it is a rarity since he is always focused on the puck. Rye is improving on all aspects of the game, and works on mental scripts to focus on the little details, helping him stay relaxed and focused. Rye takes inspiration from numerous goalies, such as the reaction speed of Andrei Vasilevskiy, the quiet and angular style of Henrik Lundqvist, the athleticism of Jonathan Quick, the never quit attitude of Jinny Howard, and the work ethic of Andre D’Agostini. Overall, you won’t find a more well rounded, hard working goalie that can be a huge part of the community. Rye is always honoured to be picked for something, so it will be no surprise to see some nice words when he is drafted, and for a guy like him, he’s one in a million. A guy that can communicate, has a high work ethic, and is a top end goalie only comes around so often, so expect Rye to be a top goaltender available at the 2022 OHL draft.





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