A smart, high octane forward, Ethan Procyszyn recently featured in the top 50 for the 2022 OHL draft prospects as one of the top players in the ETA. Procyszyn is the full package on the offensive side of the game, with a high hockey IQ, great playmaking abilities and the ability to score a dangerous amount of goals. This makes Procyszyn extremely dangerous as his playmaking and shooting are almost on par, making him a very unpredictable player offensively, which has helped him become the ETA point leader by quite a large margin. This ability to be deceptive helps him compare to someone like Auston Matthews, which is further backed up by his size. Procyszyn’s size also helps him greatly, as it allows him to utilize his long reach to protect the puck in a defensive scenario, which can help buy him additional time before taking his shot. Procyszyn has excellent vision on the ice as well, allowing him to find openings, where he can take advantage of the break to squeeze behind the defenseman and get set up to make an offensive play. Procyszyn is a very outgoing player with a great sense of humour, which would make him a well liked member of the team. Procyszyn is also an extremely hard worker, which has not only helped him step into a few GOJHL games, but also land him the captaincy, proving that he can be quite the leader as well. Due to his size, Procyszyn is still working on his skating, which is his main focus for skill improvement right now. Procyszyn will likely be drafted in the first round of the OHL draft, where he could possibly step in immediately in the middle 6 as an offensive forward, and also participate in power play scenarios. As he continues his career and further improves on his skating however, Procyszyn could jump up to become a first line OHLer, providing his development goes well.

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