One of the top goalies in the SCTA, Finn Wilson is a smart, and quick moving goaltender. Standing in at around 6’0, Wilson is amongst some of the larger goalies in the 2022 OHL draft. Thanks to his more wiry frame, Wilson is also a very quick and controlled goalie, with excellent lateral movement and a very strong butterfly game. Wilson’s strong skating ability helps him stand out amongst some other top goalies in the league, which is matched nicely by his compete level. Wilson brings a very calm and collected mentality to his game, and thanks to his strong mental game, he is extremely patient and is capable of reading the play very well, and will often utilize his stick to poke away at the puck.Wilson features very solid rebound control, which goes along with his ability to kick out his bads quickly to make a crucial save when needed. Wilson aims to be better every time he comes to the rink, and always puts 110% into his game, making him a hard working player who is constantly improving. Amongst his current improvements, Wilson is aiming to work on his puck playing ability, like most goalies around his age, as well as his confidence as a whole. With the 2022 OHL draft just around the corner, expect to see Wilson going high amongst the goalies, with his quick movement speed, active stick, and amazing stats helping push him toward a high selection. At the OHL level, providing Wilson works on his puck playing ability and confidence, as well as adds on a bit of bulk, he could become a reliable goalie for any squad, and thanks to the ice in his veins, would be able to hold down the fort and bail the team out when needed. Do not pass up the chance to get him, he could be the future of a team’s crease.

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