A dynamic center, Iain MacIsaac is a player to watch late in the draft with a lot of potential. Iain is a threat both with and without the puck and battles hard every shift. Offensively Iain will drive down wide and find an open teammate whether it be a trailing defender or a forward with him on the rush he keeps his head up looking for a teammate for an easy goal. He has a slightly above average shot as well and can put the puck in the back of the net with his wrist shot however typically you can find him in front of the net banging in dirty goals. Iain is a hard working forward in front of the net, typically battling for positioning and screening goalies using his size to physically impose himself on opponents. When out front he battles rebounds home and has solid hand eye tipping pucks in past the goalie. Iain forechecks hard as well and will battle for a puck deep in the offensive zone however doesn’t bail out of his defensive responsibilities as a center. He backchecks as hard as he forechecks and applies pressure on opposing forwards. In his own zone he forces the play outside and helps his defenders clear the puck. He battles down low and picks up the open man not afraid to sacrifice his body to block shots either and is a player all teams would want in the defensive zone because of his toughness. Overall his skating is fair and not a weak point of his game and in the faceoff dot he is no slouch. He’s quickly developing his hockey IQ and reading plays which will come as he plays and watches more hockey. As he continues to grow and develop, Iain is a player all teams should look at as he shows all the potential to be an above average player at the next level.

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