All the way from Aurora, Ontario, goaltender Jack Helkie is finally getting his chance in the spotlight. After spending years being the last goalie cut for AAA, Helkie has finally gotten his shot at the next level in Barrie, and he is handling the pressure very well. Helkie is a super athletic goalie, and uses this with his high end lateral movements to get across the crease very quickly, allowing him to snag a potential goal out of the air. Helkie brings a great attitude to the room, is a smart kid, and is shifting into a leader role for his squad. With this season being his first at the AAA level, Helkie is still trying to adjust to the speed of the game, and has been doing well with getting used to the newer game. Helkie has a tendency to over rely on his lateral movement sometimes, which makes it a curse as much as a blessing, though this can be ironed out with a bit of work and training. With the 2022 OHL draft approaching, it is unlikely that Helkie will go higher up, regardless of his play, as he is so new to the AAA game. However, this could set him up as a potential steal in the late rounds regarding goalies, as he certainly has the tools to translate his game further as he grows and fine tunes his game.

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