James Gall


Southern Tier Admirals 




140 lbs


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An excellent young goaltender, Southern Tier’s James Gall has no fear. With great lateral movements and speed, Gall is more than capable of firing himself across the net at high speeds to catch a stray shot, but most of the time, he is squared up to the puck and in position. Gall has amazing recovery, and loves to focus on the next shot, even after taking a hard shot to the head, he stays in the game without even getting rattled. Gall serves as a quiet yet confident leader, who sees the benefits of leading from behind and by example. While he does have his solitary moments, Gall sees the importance of being a fully engaged member of his team, and actively works on communicating, and routinely takes advantage of connection opportunities. Gall is currently hard at work on his technical skills, which will help him reach the next level. Gall spends hours working hard at practice, and sees game time as the opportune time to continue to work on his skills. Gall nurtures his mental toughness and resilience, which helps to give him his competitive edge, believing that without some grit, he won’t advance. Gall is a very calm and relaxed goalie between the pipes, and serves as both a calming and energizing force for his team, versus draining them over concern for him. Gall has been a long time student of Ron Mays goaltending school, where he works on his tactical proficiency, decision making, strategical saves, and post-save recovery. Gall has played on multiple teams during his youth career, as well as in many sports, so he has played against some of the best that the age group has to offer. He welcomes the opportunity to compete with the elite athletes he plays against, and is grateful for every opportunity that comes his way. Overall, Gall is an amazing goalie with tremendous upside, and should be amongst the top goalies available at the 2022 OHL draft. Whether he goes high is up for debate, but Gall could put his great speed and resilience towards moving to the next level, where if developed properly, he could become a serious goaltending force for years to come.





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