An absolute workhorse on the ice, Lucas Lowe makes the big plays that do not show up in the box score. Lowe is as gritty as they come, able to fight along the wall and within the corners, as well as races towards every loose puck. Lowe is a strong hitter, always making sure to finish his checks hard and let his presence be felt to the opposition on the ice. Lowe is not the biggest player on the ice but is deceptively strong, able to easily muscle players off the puck and play through contact. With his unselfish play, Lowe makes the players around him better, keeping spirits and energy high with his tremendous work ethic. Lowe is also a strong passer, able to find his teammates well anywhere on the ice. Lowe’s engine pushes him to another level, ever giving up on a battle for the puck. Lowe definitely possesses the clutch gene. Never shying away from the big moments, Lowe is able to make big plays down the stretch to secure his team the victory. Every team needs a player like Lucas Lowe to succeed, a selfless player that will put their body on the line and make the tough plays for their team. Lowe will need to improve on his overall offensive skill set when transitioning to the next level, but will surely have no trouble holding his own on the ice regardless of the competition.

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