To put explanations aside, Raiders forward Marcus Mori is simply an offensive beast. Best comparable to someone like Kyle Connor, Mori possesses an absolutely lethal shot with a quick release, which allows him to beat the opposing goaltenders almost effortlessly. Mori also brings the other key offensive attributes to high game, with a great playmaking ability and a solid hockey IQ as well. Though Mori is very offensively inclined, he also sports a very reliable two way game, which he is continuing to work on even further, alongside his more individual skills. Mori is a rather versatile forward as well, and brings a very high work ethic with him during every game and practice. Mori brings a positive attitude with him everywhere he goes, which goes along very well with his more outgoing personality. Mori also has a growing leadership ability and an incredibly competitive mentality, making him someone who can not only lead vocally, but also by example as well. With his OHL draft year coming up in 2022, Mori could likely go in the high-mid to middle rounds, but could slip a bit due to his smaller stature. However, if Mori grows a bit more, he could definitely jump up the draft board quite a bit. If he slips through, Mori could become a diamond in the rough type of player, with his offensive game allowing him to become a very helpful producer at the OHL level, possibly even shooting up to the middle to top 6 groups. The future is bright, and teams should be wary of passing on this young forward.

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