Tyler Graham




Cambridge Hawks




Written by: Nick Tatler

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Hard hitting forwards are a hot commodity in today's hockey world, hard hitting goal scorers are even hotter commodities and that’s exactly what Tyler Graham is. Putting up 36 goals and 61 points in a mere 46 games placing him in the top 3-5 players in points within Alliance hockey with the fewest number of games is no small feat and everything points to his stellar play continuing. Tyler has arguably the hardest shot in Alliance Hockey and that combined with his great accuracy he has makes him quite the threat with the puck. Something to note about Tyler is that he’s not afraid to shoot the puck from anywhere on the ice and the strength, accuracy and unfair quick release makes him a scoring threat wherever he shoots it from. He is a very smart player and he finds open parts of the offensive zone as well as has the ability to create his own space to become a threat. Tyler had 25 assists last year and is still working on his playmaking ability and teammate utilization and when he gets that under his belt he will become one of the deadliest players with the puck in this draft class. Last year Tyler played 10 games with the 2005 now Minor Midget age group and was slightly over a point per game while playing up there. Physically, Tyler loves and is not afraid to hit. He forechecks hard and is strong on his backchecks as well as always finishes his checks. In the neutral zone Tyler is consistently breaking up plays and getting in passing lanes as well as physically forcing opponents off the puck. This carries into the defensive zone where he battles hard to keep opponents to the outside and uses his high hockey IQ to predict where the puck is going to go and block the lane before it gets there. Tyler is not afraid to get in front of a shot and block it. Tyler is good on both special teams, playing the penalty kill and powerplay and being effective on both. He is also the captain of his team and is quickly learning how to be a good leader with great vocal communication. Tyler is a respected player within his league and should transition smoothly into the OHL one day.





Rankings are based from data collected by Minor Midget Coaches, tournament organizers, player advisors, agents, OHL scouts, Asst GMs and GMs to determine the Top 200 players eligible for the OHL Priority Draft. We use live game coverage, game videos and some other auxiliary data. All of this data is compiled and analyzed by Prospects by Sports Illustrated staff and management. This is a preliminary rankings list and our finalized list will be available late Summer 2021, before the OHL draft and after our Prospects by Sports Illustrated Summer Series showcase events.
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