Quentin Musty



190 lbs

North Jersey Avalanche 


Written by: David Ciss

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Quentin Musty is one of the most skilled American hockey players in the 2005 class. Musty is a top prospect for the 2021 OHL Priority Selection draft however, he is expected to stay in the U.S. to continue playing hockey. Musty is a player to watch out for as he could very well be selected to the United States National Development Team Program next season. However, Musty is yet to commit to an NCAA school. This makes him an intriguing name to watch out for ahead of the draft as if he does decide to play in the OHL, he could be one of the first few names taken off the board. 


Musty is a dynamic player with no shortage of skill as at 15-years old, he already has the size needed to succeed at the highest level and is usually one of the biggest presences on the ice. His size combined with his high-end skill makes him an extremely dangerous player whenever he steps foot on the ice. Most defencemen have no luck stopping Musty and it often takes more then one defender to contain him as he uses his size efficiently to protect the puck. What is noticeable about his game is how calm he remains on the ice as he does not show any signs of pressure which makes him a hard player to read. One minute he looks like he’s sleeping on the puck, and in an instant he has broken through defenders and driven to the net so they cannot afford to take their eyes off him. He is a quick player as he is able to get to the puck before others with minimal effort due to his long stride. He doesn’t have to exert much energy into his skating as his stride makes him faster than most in short puck races. 


He shoots the puck at lightning speed with laser-like accuracy making it tough for the defensemen to stop him. He boosts a high-end shot and great playmaking abilities and is always a dangerous player in the offensive zone. His offensive toolkit is amongst the best of 2005 born players and he has a playing style that makes it impossible for defenders who aren’t familiar with him to be able to read him. 


If he does decide to play in the OHL, Quentin Musty will be an elite player in the league.





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