#0171 171 Riddick Dube

A goaltender with terrific size and athleticism, Riddick Dube is a high octane player between the pipes. Dube is a strong force for his Carleton Place squad, able to use his size well and fill in shooting lanes with his length. Dube excels at tracking the puck, never one to be flustered, Dube is able to see through traffic ahead and locate the puck. With his ability to track the puck and take away space in the net, Dube makes it incredibly frustrating for any team trying to put the puck past him. Dube is laser focused while on the ice, never losing sight of the objective ahead of him. Dube is a hard worker, always determined on improving his game day in, and day out. Dube has a high compete level that allows him to stay mentally strong during the course of a game regardless of the score, Dube plays to win from start to finish. Dube’s non-stop style of play in the net adds a tremendous boost of confidence to his team, as they know they can rely on their strong goaltender to keep them in striking distance of any game. Moving forward Dube may need to continue working on his fundamentals as he progresses through his hockey career, and onto the junior level. If Dube continues to increase his skill set as he matures physically and mentally, Dube could develop into a serviceable netminder at the next level in the future.

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