Wyatt Kennedy

Position: RD

Team: Rockland Nationals

Height: 6’3

Weight: 175lbs


Written by: Matt Eichhorn

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An all-around stud, Wyatt Kennedy is a prospect any organization would love to acquire. Kennedy has all the intangibles that a coach could ask for, one of the clear cut top defenceman prospects in the 05’ class. Kennedy has tremendous size, and uses it well. No pushover with the puck or in the defensive end, Kennedy uses his size and strength effectively. Kennedy has a strong hockey IQ able to see the game well and develop plays quickly as the puck is moved out of the defensive zone. As a puck mover Kennedy excels, able to make clean tape-to-tape passes within the offensive zone, with a strong outlet passing ability when moving out of the defensive zone. Kennedy is not afraid to bring the puck up the ice himself however, a strong puck handler with exceptional hands at his size. Kennedy uses his strong puck handling ability to control the tempo of the game within the offensive zone and is able to create scoring chances for his linemates. Kennedy is phenomenal when it comes to his positioning, always able to find where he needs to be on the ice in order to make a play on the puck or stop the offensive rush. With his stellar positioning Kennedy is able to place himself in opportunistic situations to cause turnovers at a high rate and come away with the puck as a result. Kennedy leans towards the side of a traditional stay at home defenceman but plays the role amazingly. Kennedy embraces the defensive aspects of the game and can be the deciding factor between a goal being allowed and a scoring chance being halted. Moving forward, Kennedys upside is incredibly high. Do not be surprised to see Wyatt Kennedy assert himself as an immediate difference maker at the junior level.





Rankings are based from data collected by Minor Midget Coaches, tournament organizers, player advisors, agents, OHL scouts, Asst GMs and GMs to determine the Top 200 players eligible for the OHL Priority Draft. We use live game coverage, game videos and some other auxiliary data. All of this data is compiled and analyzed by Prospects by Sports Illustrated staff and management. This is a preliminary rankings list and our finalized list will be available late Summer 2021, before the OHL draft and after our Prospects by Sports Illustrated Summer Series showcase events.
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