Donald Cato III

Right Tackle/Defensive Lineman 
Age 11 
Falcons United Gold 10U 
Height: 5’5’ 
Weight - 198 LBS


Written by: David Vitone

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One of the most important keys to success in football is keeping the quarterback safe and giving him enough time to survey the field and capitalize on a throw. Right tackle Donald Cato III is a player whobrings determination and devotion to the game to create holes for his running back and protect his quarterback. He also plays defensive tackle proving to be a quarterbacks nightmare. The 11-year-old is acritical piece to the Falcons United Gold 10U team, where he alwaysbrings his aggressiveness for every single snap.


The Georgia native first picked up the game of football at just five years old, where he fell in love instantly. His best friend asked him to join the team, and once Cato made that first contact play, he knew

football was the right fit. The 6th grader has mastered his footwork and technique to have the upper hand on theopposing defensive lineman, giving his team opportunities to exploit that side of the field, whether it’s a run or a quarterback scramble, Cato makes sure to give his team the best chance to win.


His talent and success haven’t gone unnoticed, as he’s won the 2020 War Zone Offensive Lineman of The Year, has been to multiple all-star and All-American bowls, and nine top tournament MVP. However, that’s not all for theyoungster, as he strives not only to keep his QB safe, but he loves to win. In 2019, he was a part of the Georgia State Champions 8U team and the 2020 FBU National Champions 10U team.


Cato is infatuated with football for many reasons, but what stands out the most is how much he values his teammates and not just himself. He believes that football is a game of brotherhood, where his teammates canrely on one another to make the big play consisting of the

game-saving tackle or a critical block. Ever since his 8U team, he’s been named captain every year, which hetakes considerable pride in. He enjoys playing on both sides of the ball, whether it’s on offense where he’s playing in the Power T to release himself on a screen or playing on defense in a 5-3 setup to exploit a one on onematchup.


While Cato has a great football IQ and a rare physical aspect, he has earned his way to success. Training is acrucial part of Cato’s preparation. In his free time, he works out alone, so come game day, he’s ready to bring the heat. His training regimen consists of 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges while also kick-stepping around his neighborhood. Cato has also had the privilege of training with former NFL players, as they recognize his ability to make himself a big name in the future. His grandfather played for the Chicago Bears in the 1950s,


while his uncle Kelvin Cato played in the NBA for ten years. Safe to say, a tremendous supporting castsurrounds him.


Ever since kindergarten, he’s been an honor roll student, proving to excel in and out of the classroom. He’s alsobeen able to present an award named after him called the Donald Cato III Humanitarian Award & Scholarship to awell-deserving student-athlete.


Cato has numerous favorite players consisting of Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett and Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald, who makes a case for the greatest defensive tackle the NFL has ever seen. However, Georgia Bulldog Jordan Davis is someone Cato looks up to, as his famous quote is, “I just want to playmy heart out.” Like Davis, Cato makes sure to give it his all once he steps on the field.


Donald Cato III is truly a name to watch, as he is a star in the making with rare talent. To make his parents proud is something Cato takes very seriously, and one day, he wants to play for Coach Dabo Sweeney at ClemsonUniversity. He also dreams of playing in the newly built Rams and Chargers arena, called So-Fi stadium. As for now, he’s the starting right tackle and defensive tackle for the Falcons United U10 team, where he’ll look to gain more knowledge and put himself on the path to fulfill his goals.





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