Prospects by Sports Illustrated will provide exposure for your hockey player to all Division 1, 2 and 3 Colleges and Universities. Prospects provides exposure to CHL (Canadian Hockey League) teams including the OHL (Ontario Hockey League), WHL (Western Hockey League), and QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) as well as the top prep schools in the US and Canada. 

Through the creation of professional highlight video reels cut together by our experienced editors with your player bios, we can directly impact the future career of your player by ensuring they get the recognition they deserve.
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College coaches are limited in when and how often they can contact recruits, however our Prospects by Sports Illustrated video service can contact coaches at any time!

College hockey doesn't have a draft, so recruiting is a big part of NCAA D1 or D3 college hockey. Colleges also don't employ scouts, instead they typically employ up to 3 coaches. The chances of a coach seeing your player at one of their best games is low, but our videos can be played anytime.

The recruiting process takes time, and prospective student-athletes can commit to schools anywhere from 15 years old to 21yrs old. We can consistently send updated hockey highlight reels to NCAA D1 and 3 colleges on your behalf, always presenting your player in the best light instead of like an overbearing parent.


Our editors keep in mind all aspects of the game which professional scouts and NCAA hockey coaches want to see in a players game.

The different types of play are categorized and labeled in an easy to follow format, rather than having a scout sift through an hour long game. Your player is outlined in a bright highlight that attracts the viewer's eyes immediately, ensuring not a moment of action is missed.

Each year there are thousands of hockey players with exceptional talent and ability who get passed upon by universities, colleges and CHL teams. Prospects has relationships in place with NCAA schools and minor pro hockey organizations to get your video seen.


The dream for most hockey players is to make a living playing their sport as professionals. Success requires talent, hard work, determination and luck. Competition is fierce, and over 95% of hockey players fail to ultimately earn a living by just playing hockey.

To play college hockey in the United States is a brilliant opportunity to continue your efforts towards a professional career, all while acquiring a university education to fall back upon. A 4 year full ride at a Division 1 NCAA University or College can be worth more than $300,000.
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There are currently 61 NCAA Division 1 hockey programs. Division 1 schools are allowed to offer both full and partial scholarships.​
NCAA Division 2 and 3 currently have 89 Universities with a Varsity hockey program. While these schools are not allowed to offer athletic scholarships, many will assist with financial aid, grants and student loans. There are many division 2 and 3 schools whose hockey program support and rivals division 1.
Together there are 150 NCAA Universities and or Colleges who have a hockey program offering opportunities to almost 4000 student athletes each year.
Yes you can. However, there are many hurdles which may hinder your success.

Most parents are not aware of what aspects of the games college coaches and scouts are looking for in a video, therefore most videos sent are either not viewed or not responded to.
Most parents are unable to create a professional video which easily identifies the player to watch.

Lastly our relationships with the organizations assures your player's videos will be viewed by NCAA coaches and scouts from all leagues. When a parent sends a video the results will be varied to say the least. Sit back and let our professionals do the work for you.
Submitted videos should be high definition. The perspective should feature your player like our samples. Please include footage from 3-4 games. This should not be a highlight reel of goals only, believe it or not, scouts and coaches are not necessarily interested in just scoring clips.

Videos should include forecheck, back check, offensive zone, neutral zone, face offs, defensive zone play. passing plays, and outlet passes. In short a complete game.
Please provide us with full game footage featuring only your player and our team will edit the footage.
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