Prospects by Sports Illustrated™ (PSI) is committed to elevating the youth sports industry and providing youth athletes with the opportunity to compete on a global platform.

From tournaments and rankings to content and more, Prospects by Sports Illustrated™ delivers a world-class experience for parents, coaches and teams. 

Specializing in the planning and operation of youth sports tournaments at the highest levels of competition, PSI brings teams together from across North America and Europe to gain exposure, compete and have fun.

Todd Tverberg


Todd Tverberg’s Entrepreneurial passion stemmed from his time at University of St. Thomas where he had studied Marketing and Finance with the emphasis on economics, entrepreneurship and law. Todd began his career in the sports industry in 2008 by creating the reputable and renowned The Cup North American Championship. He created this to provide a platform for the top ranked US and Canadian teams to compete. As a director for hockey tournaments, showcases and camps for Total Hockey and CAD, Todd was able to have an influence on the hockey tournament experience in its entirety. Todd was not just focused on the tournament itself with regards to the games but the overall tournament experience and focusing on the smaller details to drastically improve the overall event. He was able to elevate the tournament industry completely. Todd as the CEO of Prospects by Sports Illustrated wishes to advance the entire sports industry to improve the experience for players, parents and coaches.
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'T' DeSilva


Tharindra or "T" attended Ryerson University in Canada for his commerce and entrepreneurship program, Tharindra played hockey his whole life and was a Bantam AA coach during his time at Ryerson. Throughout his undergrad he began interviewing parents and coaches to better understand what needed improvement within the youth sport event industry. With this feedback, in 2013 Tharindra was able to create Elite Global Events which was focused on creating and delivering high quality events for players, coaches and parents and has gone on to create over 150 events with over 500,000 people in attendance. Now Tharindra oversees all operations of Prospects by Sports Illustrated, and is committed to delivering world class events and elevating the youth sports industry.

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Ace Carney


Ace Carney is no stranger to youth sports, whether past or present. With over 23 years of experience in the youth sports industry he has used his experience, education, sports network and his business savvy to help shape the lives of thousands of student athletes, directly and indirectly, as a coach, mentor and via his youth exposure events. Ace is a veteran, former student-athlete and high school coach. He began in the sports market in 1997 with Powerhouse Youth Sports Management, LLC, by organizing and hosting national exposure via developmental events, showcases and tournaments for the up and coming stars of the future. He is an official national partner with Gatorade, Xenith, Bleechr.com, U.S. Sports Congress, Event Connect, Sports ETA and The College Football Hall of Fame. Fast forward to today, as an Executive Director of Prospects by Sports Illustrated, Ace is committed to continuously advocating for the opportunity for all student-athletes to have their "shot" on a national platform. As part of the leadership team at Prospects by Sports Illustrated, Ace believes that "your story starts here' for any and all who are part of the PSI Family. 
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Courtney Tverberg


Growing up in Minnesota, Courtney Tverberg was always involved with playing sports from a young age. She played many sports growing up but basketball, and volleyball were amongst her favorites. While she was playing basketball and volleyball in high school, she also took the time to referee, and completed the scoreboard to be around the gym even more frequently. At the age of 18 she moved to Fort Myers, Florida where she graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University studying business and management classes. While attending the university, Courtney worked at a golf course for five years learning the game, golf adequate, and other details of the course. Once Courtney graduated from Fort Myers, she moved to Orlando – where She is currently residing now. Over the past five years, she has been a part owner with Elite Hockey Events running and organizing premier hockey events all over the country. Courtney will be the go to for answering tournament questions, looking for great venues to host events and executing the best youth events possible for Prospects by Sports Illustrated as an Executive Director.
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Nunus Molu


Nunus Molu’s passion is derived from her love of the game.  Nunus’ background in finance and event coordination makes her a key assist to PSI.    
Being a partner in the reputable and renowned “ The Cup”  North American Championship further fueled  her passion for competitive hockey and allowed her to help create a fun and engaging environment for all involved. 
Nunus’s attention to details come into play while preparing and executing all aspects of the tournaments and the high engagement PSI holds itself too that keeps teams coming back for more
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David Morales

Vice president of marketing

David Morales started North Vision Media, a media company based out of Toronto, Canada as he had a passion for creating media content and photography. There was a large demand for digital marketing however David noticed that most companies would consult and receive their photography, videography and social media content from different companies. David wanted to create a unified company which delivers all these services and his motivation came from him wanting to figure out the right way to tell a story. He was able to do this for sporting events, restaurants and entertainment venues, clothing brands and the automobile industry. David now is the Vice President of Marketing for Prospects by Sports Illustrated and wants to shine the light on the immense existing talent in youth sports and bring recognition to these athletes to better their future.
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Jake Parrotta


Jake is the operator and lead developer at RedHot Branding solutions where he leveraged the power of web technology and marketing tools to assist small-businesses reach their target markets. Within this role at Prospects by Sports Illustrated as a Webmaster, Jake wishes to enable players, parents, coaches, and fans of youth sports to easily access all aspects of Prospects by Sports Illustrated digital platforms; by committing to good usability, accessibility for all, data transparency and overall best practises, the digital experience is developed with everyone in mind.
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