Logan Rogers


Age 14

Tampa Bay Jr Buccaneers

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150 LBS


Written by: David Vitone

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Determination and enthusiasm are traits every coach wants out of their quarterback, and 14-year-old Logan Rogers certainly brings that to the table. Rogers, number 10, is the signal-caller for the Tampa Bay Junior Buccaneers, and his ability to read defenses and spread the offense is truly a work of art.


Rogers picked up the game of football at the age of nine, and just a year later, he discovered the quarterback position, where it was the start of something special. His resume at just a young age is truly remarkable, and his success hasn’t gone unnoticed. His leadership earned him team captain, where his teammates can rely on him no matter what the occasion is. Rogers’ rare talent has already set a bright future, earning a regional and local

All-American scholarship. He was awarded the 2020 and 2021 Pop Warner Scholars Regional All-American First Team honors while also making the Pop Warner National first team, putting him in elite company as one of just 30 athletes in the country to do so.


Ironically enough, being from Tampa Bay, Rogers’ role model is Tom Brady. Like Brady, Rogers’ work ethic is through the roof. He dedicates his time with quarterback coaches in private sessions to improve every part of his game. Even in the off-season, Rogers works on his agility and speed with a trainer, which tremendously helps his game. Especially when it comes to the pocket collapsing, Rogers’ ability to escape and make the throw on the run proves to be a dangerous attribute. Even though that isn’t a huge part of his game, he still, like Brady, has to master all the mechanics and tries to be as perfect as possible. Brady has proven to be clutch in the big games, and Rogers also steps up the occasion when it matters; after an undefeated season last year, he won Player of The Game in the conference championship to advance his team to the finals.


While standing at 5’10” with plenty of room to grow, his ability to stay in the pocket and step up to make the big throws shows how advanced he is compared to the playing field. However, this isn’t the only advantage for Rogers; his release time was clocked in at an astounding 47 seconds, where the average NFL player is around 43 seconds. Proving to be an absolute nightmare for defenses as the defensive front may think they can get to number 10, but due to his lightning-quick release, the ball will potentially already be in the hands of the receiver before taking a sack.


For Rogers, football may mean a whole lot to him, but his ability to excel in the classroom shows how much he cares on and off the field. Earning a 4.0 GPA while taking honors classes is just the start of a bright future. In his spare time, he believes volunteering to help those in need is so important. In the past, he’s cooked for foster families, and he loves putting a smile on their faces.



For a 14-year-old, he has his goals set to achieve his dreams. Firstly, he wants to bring home a championship for his high school, then earn a business degree while playing Division I football. His family has always repped Florida Gator orange and blue, and for Rogers to play there would mean everything. The ultimate dream for Rogers is to play in the NFL one day, and with his dedication, anything is possible.





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