Hunter Crowley

Position: Lineman

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160lbs

Bedford Bulldog


Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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A force to be reckoned with on the defensive line, Hunter Crowley excels at covering gaps and creating pressure on opposing offenses. Despite only being in the sixth grade, Crowley stands at a fearsome 5’7 and weighs in around 160 pounds. His explosiveness allows his first two steps off the line of scrimmage to be one of the fastest in the country, and he has the power to bull rush through even larger interior linemen. 


On the offensive side of the ball, Crowley is a versatile weapon, playing a traditional power tailback role with excellent north/south speed. He is also a capable receiver who studies hard and has exceptionally sticky hands.


Hunter is a student of the game and is willing to work harder than anyone else on the field. He is an honor roll student athlete, and is willing to play any position to best suit his team's needs. Currently that means Crowley is looking to transition his defensive line into more of a linebacker role. He dreams of playing professional football, and with his natural talents and non stop work ethic, he may one day achieve that dream.



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