Joivan Jimenez

Ocala Thunder


110 LBS 


Written by: Mackenzie Meaney

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Joivan Jimenez might be young, but his skills on the football field would say otherwise. 

The young quarterback has the speed to scramble around the pocket and buy himself some time to make a pass, and loves to throw it deep to his teammates. He dedicates time to working on his footwork and his passing in order to master those elements of the game. A fan of Patrick Mahomes, Jimenez tries to emulate his game as a quarterback, while trying to master speed like Tyreek Hill. 

Jimenez, who started playing football at age five, already has a list of awards and accomplishments, both inside and outside the classroom. In the classroom, Jimenez was named the best reader in the second grade and received all As on his report card. Outside of the classroom, he was included in the RNR Top 100 QBs at the U7 level in 2019 and the U8 quarterback MVP in Georgia in 2021. These accolades at such a young age prove that Jimenez is a real competitor with lots of skill, and will only improve as time goes on. 

In addition to playing football, Jimenez also enjoys watching football at any level. One of the best ways to learn and improve is to watch others and learn from how they perform. Watching different levels of football gives Jimenez a wide range of reference points to observe and aspire to throughout his career. Jimenez’s parents are one of his biggest motivators. His father was his first football coach.

As for his future, Jimenez would like to play football in college at a large school. The Florida Gators are at the top of his list, but Clemson and Ohio State are also on the spectrum.





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