Maxton Grynka

Position: QB

Height: 4'10"

Weight: 90lbs



Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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A born and bred football star, Maxton Grynka has athletic gifts matched only by his love for the game of football. This dual threat quarterback suits up for the Delray Rocks, and can often be found making highlight reels out of opposing defenses. 


Unlike most athletes who play the quarterback position at his age,  Maxton has the unique gift of throwing impeccably tight spirals downfield with top notch accuracy. Despite only being in the 4th grade, Maxton already shows elite field vision and pocket presence, being willing to hold the ball for the extra second, allowing his receivers to break open their longer routes. Although sometimes Maxton has a habit of holding the ball a little too long, and moving his feet a little too much, he more than makes up for this by making big time plays in big time moments. His unique talent opens up the offensive playbook at such a young age, and forces opposing defenses to play on the back foot, having to be aware of the deep ball as well as the running threat.


As a runner, Maxton is equally as dangerous. He models his game after Johnny Manziel's quickness, Tim Tebow’s leadership and poise, and Big Ben’s toughness and pocket presence. His quick footwork and high level speed open up the field and allow him to make plays in any number of ways, often gouging defenses for huge gains with his legs.


Standing at 4’10 and weighing 90 pounds, Maxton’s list of achievements are already as big as he is. Despite only being in the 4th grade, Maxton has already won an FBU National championship, a 7v7 championship, as well as a Youth Pro Bowl MVP, on top of Elite Future stars and All-American nominations. Maxton credits a lot of his success to his love and dedication to the sports, as well as his various training regimens. Whether it’s weight training, boxing for hand eye and footwork, or training with his QB Coach Nick, Maxton’s love for the game keeps him motivated and looking for more opportunities to improve every day. With a “be humble and give 100%” attitude there isn't a thing Maxton believes he can’t achieve.


Off the field, Maxton knows a good balance in life is important, and that his schooling comes first. He has perfect attendance in class, and makes sure to take time for himself on the weekends to have fun outside of football. Maxton looks forward to continuing to improve, and one day hopes to take his talents to the next level. If he continues to give it all on and off the field, Maxton certainly has the gifts, mindset, and love for the game to make excel not only at the high school level, but well beyond as well.





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