Tyson Davis is a diverse player with a skill set to play any position on the football field. 

He plays with heart and a true love for the game, as putting on his pads and his helmet alone get him excited to play the sport he loves. On the field, Davis can play almost anywhere, but he loves to play running back or safety. He reads the defense well and can find gaps to speed through, and as a safety, he makes big plays and is not scared to tackle and get physical. 

Davis also works extremely hard. He wants to be the best on the field and outwork his opponents, a trait he picked up from his older brother, who is a runningback at Duke University. Davis is a leader on his team and is always working to make him and his teammates better. 

His skills have earned him spots at camps at schools such as Jacksonville State University, where his hero Deion Sanders is the head coach. There will be more camps for him to attend in the future, and he also plans on joining a 7v7 team. 

Outside of football, Davis volunteers in his community with his mother when he has the time and gets good grades in school. 

For his future Davis would like to play at Jacksonville State or wherever Sander’s is coaching. The University of Alabama is on the list, as well as Duke, if he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps.c

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