Tyvonn Byars

Offensive Position: RB

Defensive Position: LB

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 186lbs



Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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At 5’9 and 186 pounds, Tyvonn Byars isn’t just big for his age, he’s unbelievably fast as well. Byars is only 14 years old, but already runs a 4.6 second laser timed 40 yard dash, and bench presses more than 250 pounds. On the field, Tyvonn transitions this power and speed with incredible results, as a walking highlight reel at running back, and a hard hitting menace at any position on the defensive side of the ball.


On the defensive end is already the record holder for his middle schools “hit stick award”, laying bone crunching hits on opponents at every given opportunity. Like many young linebackers and safeties who are physically dominant over their opponents, Tyvonn can sometimes come up a little bit high for tackles, or take one too many steps before breaking down to wrap the ball carrier, but his elite athletic gifts allow him to make up for these small mistakes when he does make them. He sees the field well, reads the quarterback's eyes and consistently makes the right play. As a pass rusher he can blow by blockers with quickness and finesse, and easily overpower some of the biggest lineman with an amazingly explosive first step. 


Offensively, Tyvonn appears to be as gifted and naturally talented as anyone in his age group, if not even more so. His run style is punishing and effective, bouncing off defenders and breaking tackles with long strides reminiscent of a prime Marshawn Lynch. While he sometimes relies too heavily on his athletic gifts, and defaults to finding the edge as opposed to cutting into open running lanes, his talent as a ball carrier is undeniable, to the point where opposing teams often game plan against him. Oftentimes teams will go so far as to squib kicks instead of letting Tyvonn field the return. Not satisfied with being one dimensional however, Tyvonn is an immensely polished receiver as well. He runs tight routes with footwork beyond his years, and has the ability and body control to extend for balls which gives him a truly impressive catch radius.


An all around athlete who is exciting to watch wherever he plays. Tyvonn continues to impress with his talent on the gridiron. He has won MVP honors in every event he’s participated in, and won his team a district championship, where he captured yet another MVP award. With some small technical adjustments to his game, Tyvonn has immense potential. He will continue to be a walking highlight reel at the next level, and has the gifts to go even further with his football career.





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