Abby Burokas




Wade Warriors



Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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Like many great athletes and trail blazers before her, Abby “Tiny Beast” Burokas is a multi-sport athlete with outstanding drive and a passion for winning. On the soccer pitch she plays at a high level for her travel team, and in her own personal time she is a Spartan Race standout, earning the coveted Trifecta medal. All of this is second however, to her passion and excellence in her chosen sport, hockey.

Despite only playing at her 4 foot 6 inch, 63 pound stature, Abby lives up to her nickname of “Tiny Beast” when in the net. Always a hard worker, Abby has been described by her coaches as “driven, competitive, highly skilled, and extremely coachable.” Most recently, Abby has broken out as a star in both boys and girls hockey leagues, playing for the 2011 Boys Elite team in the Sabres Hockey Club during the fall, and the Wade Warriors AAA girls team in the summer. Her versatility and high hockey IQ allows her to effectively employ both stand up and butterfly styles of goaltending, in a way usually reserved for goaltending greats such as Carey Price, Martin Brodeur, and Shannon Szabados.

Off the ice Abby remains a dedicated student and athlete. She consistently makes Honor Roll in school, despite training for hockey 4 to 5 times a week and training for other sports frequently as well. She balances all of this while also being a Women's Hockey Life Ambassador, inspiring other women and girls to excel in hockey just as Abby does. Already a multiple time champion, this “Tiny Beast” is paving the way for not only her own bright future, but for future women and girls in sport as well.



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