Connor Chartrand




Windsor Jr. Spitfires




Written by: Nick Tatler

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The captain of his team Connor Chartrand is a very hardworking center who plays a complete game. Connor is built like a powerlifter, very strong and tough, which allows him to bring a physical edge to his 200 foot game. Connor is a beast in the face-off circle winning about 70-75% of his draws. As a center he takes his defensive game very seriously. He focuses on making sure he plays responsibly there however he does chip in offensively putting up 30 points in his shortened season last year. His shot is very hard and accurate, putting up 10 goals last year, however he also has great hand-eye coordination and deflects the puck into the net as well. He is aggressive and forechecks hard using his physicality to get the puck back for his team however he also backchecks hard and someone close to him said “his first 3 steps are absolutely unbelievable.” He accelerates quickly and gets back fast. In his own zone he is not afraid to block a shot and sacrifice his body for his team. He forces the play to the outside and constantly looks for a chance to regain possession of the puck, seemingly never taking a shift off. Connor is a multi-sport athlete who is always trying to be the best athlete he can and is working on finding another gear to his skating to really take him to the next level. As he continues to develop, Connor looks to play a similar style to Patrice Bergeron and be a game changer at the next level. 



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