Nicholas Sima




Toronto Jr. Canadiens 


Written by: David Ciss

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Nicolas Sima is the type of skater that every center wants on their wing. Sima is a highly skilled player yet his ability to complement the play of those around him sticks out. He reads the game better than most and has the ability to create smart and dangerous chances. Sima is a pure goal scorer with an elite shot. From rebounds, to beautiful snipes, Sima can score goals in any way necessary. He possesses an elite shot and can score from seemingly anywhere in the offensive zone. He doesn’t need a ton of time and space to score. Once the puck is on his stick, he possesses a rocket release with precision which is able to beat goaltenders before they even have a chance to react. As good as he is as a sharpshooter, his positioning and tendency to always be there for 2-on-1’s and bury rebounds makes him more than just a sniper. He is deadly on the power play and also owns a slick set of hands which gives him yet another weapon to beat out goaltenders. 

One area that Sima could improve on is his footspeed. He has a decent skating technique and reaches top speed fairly quickly however, he could stand to benefit from getting faster. Sima has the size necessary to succeed at the next level. He is elusive with the puck on his stick and uses his hands and size to protect the puck. 

Overall, Sima is a natural goal-scorer who is always in the right place to put pucks in the back of the net. He gets his stick on the puck at the right time and uses his size to his advantage. Sima has spent the extended offseason adding muscle which will surely catch the eyes of OHL scouts.





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