Hudson House


Age 8

Junior Ducks 8U

Height: 4’4’

Weight - 64 LBS


Written by: David Vitone

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Junior Ducks hockey player Hudson House is not only a player that can put the puck in the back of the net but his determination and drive at the age ofeight has set him up for a bright future. House laced up his skates at just fouryears old, and he was hooked as soon as he stepped onto the ice. Hiscompetitiveness is truly special. When he was four years old, he was on the 6U team, and when he was six, he was placed on the 8U team—proving toplay with older and bigger kids than him.


While House is a naturally gifted athlete, his work behind the scenes shouldn’t go unnoticed. He makes sure to train at least five days a week to work on hisstickhandling and skating skills. He is working with high school hockey coachTyler Wilkerson to master his game, to training one on one with a figure skater. Whether it’s shooting pucks in the backyard to team practice, House is always looking to gain an edge on his opponent. His silky backhand is his go-to moveto beat the goaltender

and put his team on top. At the same time, his accuracy and footwork are a work of art.


House is a player who loves to not only stuff the stat sheet but win. Most recently, his team was heavy underdogs heading into a tournament. However, the Junior Ducks surprised the league and finished first place. They received a gold medal where House will have a memory of a lifetime. He played a significant role in the tournament, making his name heard around the league, scoring the most goals, earning him a “hard hat” as a sign of how dominant he was on the big stage.


To House, hockey is everything. Every time he touches the ice, he’s open to learning new things about the game. Whether it’s bonding with his teammates to scoring goals, it’s his true way of happiness. There’s always something to improve on, and he’s always trying to be the best player he can be. It brings out his competitiveness and determination to be a great team player and earn his coach’s trust to make the big play when needed.


Anaheim Ducks Right Winger Rickard Rakell is Houses favorite player. Rakell has been a goal-scoring machinethroughout his career. Like House, he loves to tally the score and be in the shoes of Rakell one day.


The eight-year-old has big dreams for the coming future. He’d like to play Division I hockey at the University ofMichigan one day, as many NHL players played for the Wolverines. Finally,


he’d love to play for his favorite team, the Anaheim Ducks. With his hard work and success so far, anything ispossible for House, as his name is undoubtedly one to watch.





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