Luca Pinelli




Toronto Jr. Canadiens



Written by: David Ciss

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Pinelli looks to be a surefire lock to be picked in the 1st round of the 2021 OHL Priority Selection Draft.  Where Luca falls is yet to be determined however, Luca Pinelli is a player to watch.  Like most top prospects he has some areas on which to improve and in the case of Pinelli he may have a few more than his peers.  While Pinelli hasn’t stepped foot on the ice yet this season in the GTHL at the minor midget level, he did play in the Elite Hockey Series in September put on by Elite Hockey Events.  Although smaller and slight in frame he is considered to be one of the top forwards in Minor Midget. Pinelli played in September at The Elite Hockey Series and looked impressive. The Elite Hockey Series featured arguably the top 8 teams in Ontario.  There is a lot to like about Pinelli’s game starting with his creativity.  Pinelli loves to put his hands on display by constantly attempting moves that most players at his level wouldn’t even consider; however, Pinelli is unlike most players. While most dream of being able to break defenders ankles and score highlight reel goals at will, Pinelli does it. Using his speed and puck handling skills, Pinelli can get around most any defender to create a scoring chance. To complement his speed and hands, Pinelli boosts a better than average shot capable of beating goaltenders from seemingly any spot on the ice. While Pinelli has good speed and edges he is not an elite skater and could use a good skating instructor to complete his training.


One aspect of Pinelli’s game that makes him such a dangerous player is his hockey IQ. Pinelli excels at being able to read plays and anticipate where the puck will end up. He always knows where to be which helps him covert on rebounds and retrieve pucks. Defenders have a hard time containing him as he is always moving around. He never just stays in one spot and waits for the puck to come to him. While his size is considered by some to be cause for concern, Pinelli is not one to get pushed around often.  Pinelli with some improvement and training will be a must-watch prospect ahead of the draft.

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