A top goalie in Alliance hockey, Connor Davis is a goalie to watch for come draft day. Connor does everything hockey, he’s known to watch it a ton and constantly try to be better, his work ethic is second to none, something all young goalies need. Connor reads plays like a book and can predict the play very well. He’s sound positionally and tracks the puck very well. When screened he still manages to find the puck and reacts quickly to deflections in front. He has strong legs and rebound control that allow him to get the puck away from his crease. Like most young goalies he’s not perfect however he possesses the skills and ability to recover when he does cough up a poor rebound. Connor has a calming aspect to his game and when he’s in net he always gives his team a chance to win. He has reliable glove and blocker sides up top and rarely gives up a bad goal. Connor, like all young goalies will get better with experience and time and is still working on endurance, though he still managed to play in about 70% of his teams games. As he develops he has the potential to be a gamechanger at the next level and all teams should take a good look at him as he enters his draft year.

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