Someone who pushes his teammates to be their very best both on and off the ice, Oakville goaltender Jack Lisson brings a competitive vibe to a team. Lisson prides himself on his speed, flexibility, athleticism, IQ, and puck playing abilities, all qualities that can help to make a solid goaltender. Currently, the young goaltender is working on his ability to track the puck and staying visually focused on the play, as well as keeping depth in the crease, and on his patience and waiting for the opponent to make the first move. Lisson is a very outgoing player, both on and off the ice, bringing a great sense of humour, and being someone that’s easy to have a conversation with. Lisson is an extremely hard working goalie, and always wants to go up against tougher competition and have a challenge. Competitiveness is always an attribute that a team would love in a young goalie, and with his OHL draft year being in 2022, Lisson could be an appealing goalie for an OHL team who wants a hard working goalie. Currently, Lisson is a student at Everest Academy. While it is far too soon to truly judge what kind of player Lisson could be at the OHL level, Lisson could end up panning out for an OHL team with the right amount of effort and care, as his work ethic could be what helps push him to the next level.


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