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Ethan Toms






Rankings are based from data collected by Minor Midget Coaches, tournament organizers, player advisors, agents, OHL scouts, Asst GMs and GMs to determine the Top 200 players eligible for the OHL Priority Draft. We use live game coverage, game videos and some other auxiliary data. All of this data is compiled and analyzed by Prospects by Sports Illustrated staff and management. This is a preliminary rankings list and our finalized list will be available late Summer 2021, before the OHL draft and after our Prospects by Sports Illustrated Summer Series showcase events.


1Michael MisaMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
2Malcolm SpenceMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
3Michael HageToronto Jr CanadiensVIEW PROFILE »
4Sam DickinsonToronto MarlborosNo Profile
5Henry MewsToronto Jr CanadiensVIEW PROFILE »
6Jack van VolsenToronto Jr CanadiensNo Profile
7William VilleneuveNavan GradsNo Profile
8Beckett SenneckeToronto MarlborosNo Profile
9Lucas KarmirisBrantford 99ersVIEW PROFILE »
10Cole BeaudoinNepean RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
11Porter MartoneToronto Jr CanadiensNo Profile
12Kieron WaltonNorth York RangersVIEW PROFILE »
13Gabriel FrascaMississauga SenatorsNo Profile
14Kevin HeNorth York RangersVIEW PROFILE »
15Ben DanfordQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
16Frankie MarrelliMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
17Zayne ParekhMarkham MajorsVIEW PROFILE »
18Ethan ProcyszynNorth Central PredatorsVIEW PROFILE »
19Liam GreentreeMarkham MajorsNo Profile
20Ben CormierNavan GradsVIEW PROFILE »
21Bode StewartMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
22Luca TestaNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
23Hunter McKenzieHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
24Marek VanackerBrantford 99ersVIEW PROFILE »
25Jett LuchankoLondon Jr KnightsVIEW PROFILE »
26Leo SerlinToronto MarlborosNo Profile
27Nolan NewtonSudbury Nickel CapitalsNo Profile
28Braedyn RogersQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
29Riley PattersonMississauga SenatorsNo Profile
30Ethan MacDonaldAjax-Pickering RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
31Brodie McConnell-BarkerLondon Jr KnightsVIEW PROFILE »
32Carter LoweToronto Marlboros


33Parker ForlinNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
34Justin BottineauToronto MarlborosVIEW PROFILE »
35Brayden TurleyMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
36Christopher SoaresHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
37Braydon McCallumBrantford 99ersVIEW PROFILE »
38Nathan AspinallMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
39Jacob BattagliaToronto Jr CanadiensVIEW PROFILE »
40Roarke GilmourKemptville 73sVIEW PROFILE »
41Anthony ChristoforoToronto Jr CanadiensVIEW PROFILE »
42Rowan ToppNorth York RangersVIEW PROFILE »
43Parker von RichterToronto MarlborosNo Profile
44Christopher BrownNorth York RangersVIEW PROFILE »
45Sam O'ReillyVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
46Ben HrebikHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
47Carson HallMarkham MajorsNo Profile
48Jack DeanMarkham MajorsNo Profile
49Jack GoodMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
50Braydon StumpfWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
51Tate VaderHuron-Perth LakersVIEW PROFILE »
52Nate SchaapNorth Central PredatorsNo Profile
53Dean LetourneauRenfrew WolvesNo Profile
54Jacob TherrienClarington TorosVIEW PROFILE »
55Beckett EwartQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
56Michael BarronVictory HondaVIEW PROFILE »
57Lukas FischerCompuwareVIEW PROFILE »
58Ethan TomsQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
59Colton HendersonWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
60Cam SpringerCompuwareVIEW PROFILE »
61Kashawn AitchesonNorth York RangersNo Profile
62Landon MillerVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
63Luc WarnerToronto MarlborosNo Profile
64Antonio TersigniToronto Jr CanadiensNo Profile
65Hudson GillBurlington EaglesVIEW PROFILE »
66David GreenToronto MarlborosVIEW PROFILE »
67Clark DunfordHamilton Jr BulldogsVIEW PROFILE »
68Domenic BattagliaMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
69Quinten LisleMississauga SenatorsNo Profile
70Ryan CastleVaughan KingsNo Profile
71Caden KellyMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
72Tyron FevryToronto Red WingsNo Profile
73Caden PitreVaughan KingsNo Profile
74Lex TerrenceMarkham MajorsNo Profile
75Brody PartridgeQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
76Tyler GrahamCambridge HawksVIEW PROFILE »
77Antonio CerquaMarkham MajorsNo Profile
78Talan PalmerLondon Jr KnightsVIEW PROFILE »
79Tyler O'TooleMississauga RepsVIEW PROFILE »
80Mason TaylorDon Mills FlyersNo Profile
81Andrew VermeulenNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
82Nate GravelleSudbury Nickel CapitalsNo Profile
83Luke TuinNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
84Griffin GrunderWindsor Jr SpitfiresNo Profile
85Jay FeldbergToronto MarlborosNo Profile
86Ben TheronNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
87Blake Wright Clarington TorosNo Profile
88Thomas ElkinsGreater Kingston Jr GaelsNo Profile
89Thomas KuipersQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
90Justin HuynhMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
91Charles HiltonClarington TorosNo Profile
92Grayden StrohackWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
93Jacob BruntonNichols SchoolVIEW PROFILE »
94Jaksen WardWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
95William EggletonMississauga SenatorsNo Profile
96Tommy KarmirisBrantford 99ersVIEW PROFILE »
97Aiden CormackHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
98Ryerson LeendersToronto NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
99Callum CheynowskiSouthern Tier AdmiralsVIEW PROFILE »
100Wyatt WarnerKemptville 73sVIEW PROFILE »
101David EgorovOttawa Jr SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
102Evan van GorpLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
103Colin LangstaffElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
104Isaac LorentzWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
105Nate BrentnellRichmond Hill CoyotesVIEW PROFILE »
106Lucas EllinasNorth York RangersNo Profile
107Dominic DiFrancescoNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
108Logan BurnhamDon Mills FlyersVIEW PROFILE »
109Braydon HobsonHalton HurricanesNo Profile
110Reed GeeQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
111Nolan DonnellyQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
112Christopher CaissieHalton HurricanesNo Profile
113Brecken SmithLittle CaesarsVIEW PROFILE »
114Dylan RichterElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
115Kieran LitterickDon Mills FlyersVIEW PROFILE »
116Aidan RenaudDon Mills FlyersVIEW PROFILE »
117Brogan ColquhounLondon Jr KnightsVIEW PROFILE »
118Carsen ChartierNorth York RangersNo Profile
119Aiden O'TooleMississauga RepsVIEW PROFILE »
120Xavier BeauchampPembroke Lumber KingsVIEW PROFILE »
121Jace DupuisLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
122Drew GaultonMarkham MajorsNo Profile
123Finn WilsonNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
124Braden ChilderhoseRichmond Hill CoyotesVIEW PROFILE »
125Marcus MoriAjax-Pickering RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
126Jaden CholetteNepean RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
127Lucas LeBlancOttawa Jr SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
128Cole BartnickCompuwareVIEW PROFILE »
129Chase HennessyMilwaukee Jr AdmiralsVIEW PROFILE »
130Jacob GibbonsMarkham MajorsNo Profile
131Rene van BommelElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
132Justin TavaresVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
133Owen van de VenMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
134Gabriel ChiarotBrantford 99ersNo Profile
135Riley StreskaKemptville 73sVIEW PROFILE »
136Jack PaquetteSmiths Falls BearsVIEW PROFILE »
137Braxton BennettKemptville 73sVIEW PROFILE »
138Carson AlbertBrantford 99ersNo Profile
139Nolan ShawWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
140Nate GalbraithBrockville BravesVIEW PROFILE »
141Landon Wright Brockville BravesVIEW PROFILE »
142Justin RobinsonBrantford 99ersNo Profile
143Owen RedmondKemptville 73sVIEW PROFILE »
144Logan SawyerVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
145Vincent OuelletteCIHAVIEW PROFILE »
146Gabriel CarvalhoVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
147Carter FrostToronto Jr CanadiensNo Profile
148Ben VreugdenhilQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
149Noah MatheisonWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
150JJ SalajkoLittle CaesarsVIEW PROFILE »
151Conor ChartrandWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
152Antoine GauthierOttawa Jr SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
153Evan MailletMississauga SenatorsNo Profile
154Aiden RandellCentral Ontario WolvesNo Profile
155Mason StranoHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
156Rocco BigioniAjax-Pickering RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
157Lucas HihnNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
158Seth DoneyHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
159Easton RyeAjax-Pickering RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
160Glen McInnesQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
161Marcus OchrymToronto MarlborosVIEW PROFILE »
162Philip RobertoMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
163Atley RodgersHuron-Perth LakersVIEW PROFILE »
164Nathan OmeriNorth York RangersVIEW PROFILE »
165Blake ElzingaHuron-Perth LakersVIEW PROFILE »
166Stefan DjordjevicWindsor Jr SpitfiresNo Profile
167Nathan Agostinis Windsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
168Luca DiFeliceDon Mills FlyersNo Profile
169James GallSouther Tier AdmiralsVIEW PROFILE »
170Danny DoyleBrantford 99ersVIEW PROFILE »
171Andrew KennedySouther Tier AdmiralsNo Profile
172Jaedon HollowayVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
173Cole DottermanElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
174Michael SchiavoneVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
175Joshua BradyClarington TorosNo Profile
176Carson CampbellQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
177Noah ProkopecBarrie ColtsNo Profile
178Ryan SinnottAjax-Pickering RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
179Nate GillisMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
180Casey SchoutenLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
181Nicholas PetrutGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
182Cody TorravilleHalton HurricanesNo Profile
183Mason KorryWhitby WildcatsVIEW PROFILE »
184Evan PhillipsRockland NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
185Sam EthierRockland NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
186Carson McGurnNepean RaidersVIEW PROFILE »
187Owen ProtzOttawa Jr SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
188Brud DelaneyChicago MissionVIEW PROFILE »
189Dylan WouldsMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
190Luciano BrunoVaughan KingsVIEW PROFILE »
191Drew WaterfieldShattuck St Mary'sVIEW PROFILE »
192Jaivyn StewartBrantford 99ersNo Profile
193Atom ThususkaSudbury Nickel CapitalsVIEW PROFILE »
194Alex ColangeloMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
195Ryker LeeShattuck St Mary'sVIEW PROFILE »
196Andrew HillMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
197Zach SheppardToronto MarlborosVIEW PROFILE »
198Landon SimecBarrie ColtsVIEW PROFILE »
199Rowen CherrettGrey-Bruce HighlandersVIEW PROFILE »
200Brayden RandellHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
201Carter JonesWhitby WildcatsVIEW PROFILE »
202Michael McIvorQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
203Vince AlbaneseRichmond Hill CoyotesNo Profile
204Michael TauskelaHamilton Jr BulldogsNo Profile
205Jack GalloHamilton Jr BulldogsNo Profile
206Jake KasayCompuwareVIEW PROFILE »
207Marco BilicToronto MarlborosNo Profile
208Aidan EdwardsChatham-Kent CyclonesVIEW PROFILE »
209Andrew KennedyVaughan KingsNo Profile
210Birk CasselsOhio Blue JacketsVIEW PROFILE »
211Lucas RodriguezMississauga SenatorsVIEW PROFILE »
212Nash GilesToronto NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
213Trenten BennettKitchener RangersVIEW PROFILE »
214Conor DavisWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
215Josh GalvinLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
216Alex SimoiniKitchener RangersVIEW PROFILE »
217Hayden DuncanLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
218Noah BenderWaterloo WolvesNo Profile
219Jake MerensChicago MissionVIEW PROFILE »
220Ryan SantiagoChicago MissionVIEW PROFILE »
221Johnny DelVerneVictory HondaVIEW PROFILE »
222Evan WhiteVictory HondaVIEW PROFILE »
223Stephen MichalekTeam IllinoisVIEW PROFILE »
224Jack WolfeBrantford 99ersNo Profile
225Jake StruckOhio Blue JacketsVIEW PROFILE »
226Dante BertolinWindsor Jr SpitfiresNo Profile
227Evan MacMillanToronto MarlborosNo Profile
228Riley MisaToronto NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
229Luke BlenkhornKitchener RangersVIEW PROFILE »
230Josh HardingWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
231Carter DanylukSudbury Nickel CapitalsVIEW PROFILE »
232Alex KostovToronto NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
233Felix St. OngeSudbury Nickel CapitalsVIEW PROFILE »
234Mason BenedictLittle CaesarsVIEW PROFILE »
235Josh SardoWindy City StormVIEW PROFILE »
236Jax AlonzoWindy City StormVIEW PROFILE »
237Ryan RandellCentral Ontario WolvesNo Profile
238Charlie ArendChicago MissionNo Profile
239Connor BewickTeam IllinoisVIEW PROFILE »
240Nathan MarincolaOshawa GeneralsVIEW PROFILE »
241Keanan HodgsonNorth Central PredatorsVIEW PROFILE »
242Jacob BrownGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
243Josh FrenetteRichmond Hill CoyotesVIEW PROFILE »
244Luke JarminGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
245Ryan EllisMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
246Kyle JonesWindspr Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
247Owen NashKitchener RangersVIEW PROFILE »
248Owen GreyElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
249Devonte ChoptianyToronto NationalsVIEW PROFILE »
250Tyler McGuireWindsor Jr SpitfiresVIEW PROFILE »
251Jack BirkbeckLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
252Connor WeidoGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
253Samuel ClossGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
254Aiden StanleyGrey-Bruce HighlandersVIEW PROFILE »
255Jared LangdonQuinte Red DevilsVIEW PROFILE »
256Aiden JenksChicago ReapersVIEW PROFILE »
257Joshua ColosimoToronto Jr CanadiensVIEW PROFILE »
258Brady GalbraithElgin Middlesex ChiefsVIEW PROFILE »
259Brady TroutOhio Blue JacketsVIEW PROFILE »
260William TannyShattuck St Mary'sVIEW PROFILE »
261Luke MillsapGrey-Bruce HighlandersVIEW PROFILE »
262Zach GaulPembroke Lumber KingsVIEW PROFILE »
263Ty WilsonCentral Ontario WolvesVIEW PROFILE »
264Ryker van SprielGreater Kingston Jr GaelsVIEW PROFILE »
265Connor D'AngeloClarington TorosVIEW PROFILE »
266Michael LeFaveHalton HurricanesVIEW PROFILE »
267Zachary WolfOhio Blue JacketsVIEW PROFILE »
268Noah SchachtVictory HondaVIEW PROFILE »
269Andrew HopleyWhitby WildcatsVIEW PROFILE »
270Gunner KirkBarrie ColtsVIEW PROFILE »
271Ty GaudreaultNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
272Cooper LoveGrey Bruce HighlandersVIEW PROFILE »
273Colin ChesnutHoneybakedVIEW PROFILE »
274Nate SchaeferCompuwareVIEW PROFILE »
275Evan SimosChicago ReapersVIEW PROFILE »
276Liam StorchLittle CaesarsVIEW PROFILE »
277Drew HuffnagleOhio Blue JacketsVIEW PROFILE »
278Nicolas BelmonteMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
279Mason MordenPeterborough PetesVIEW PROFILE »
280Eamon CallaghanCentral Ontario WolvesVIEW PROFILE »
281Aiden UrbachWhitby WildcatsVIEW PROFILE »
282Matthew CoatesNiagara North StarsVIEW PROFILE »
283Jack LissonOakville RangersVIEW PROFILE »
284Tyler LaitaWhitby WildcatsVIEW PROFILE »
285Connor DoyleGrey-Bruce HighlandersVIEW PROFILE »
286Nolan CarusoBarrie ColtsVIEW PROFILE »
287Graydon FinchMarkham WaxersVIEW PROFILE »
288Jack HelkieBarrie ColtsVIEW PROFILE »
289Sam CorcoranPeterborough PetesVIEW PROFILE »
290Bryson WalzTeam IllinoisVIEW PROFILE »
291Anthony Nolan Chicago ReapersVIEW PROFILE »
292Cameron FriesCambridge HawksNo Profile
293Calder WinegardLambton Jr StingVIEW PROFILE »
294Cole FoleyBoston AcademyVIEW PROFILE »
295Beau MoisonChatham-Kent CyclonesVIEW PROFILE »
296Quinn McNamaraHuron-Perth LakersVIEW PROFILE »
297Nathan CatalanoCambridge HawksNo Profile
298Sean DemarestCambridge HawksVIEW PROFILE »
299Warren EverettChatham-Kent CyclonesVIEW PROFILE »
300Iain McIsaacHuron-Perth LakersVIEW PROFILE »
301Jack EdwardsChatham-Kent CyclonesNo Profile
302Liam OravskyBarrie ColtsVIEW PROFILE »
303Ethan AlexanderChatham-Kent CyclonesVIEW PROFILE »
304Alex JoyceElgin-Middlesex ChiefsNo Profile
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